I love to challenge myself in new fields because you can never know what you are capable of if you hesitate to try. During the last two years in university, in order to find what I wish to do in this world I worked hard in class learning application UI prototyping design and development, industrial design, physical computing, graphic design and UX research. Even after the classes I was still thirsty so I went outside to experience more, participating in various competitions and events (design research, IoT product industrial design exhibition, fashion design project and more). Nothing was easy at first. Most of the time I was the only one new to the field when everyone else were experts. It was challenging physically and mentally but I tried harder than anyone else and tried to learn from everyone around me. In the beginning I was novice, but after few months I made great progress and results.

Through my experiences I gained insight of how the designers work in the industry. I noticed that as technology is rapidly developing, new technology is enter our daily lives. For example, Google glasses, Fitbit and apple-watch were one of the first wearables that were introduced to the public. At first they were welcome, but after sometime they disappeared. These were the first trials for wearables, now there are many more beautiful products coming out. Tech companies have collaborated with fashion brands, and now ‘wearables’ have become ‘fashion wearables’. The companies understood that people would not use wearables if they only concentrated on the function. They needed to understand people’s lifestyle/values and give better user experience. I see that there will be many interesting changes in the fashion industry as well. Actually the fashion industry is already changing, using new technology for marketing, fashion wearables and fashion shows. It is amazing how technology is giving designers’ unlimited possibility to design never-before-seen beautiful and functional products for people.

Yonsei University Information & Interaction Design major

Work Experience

  • 2016 Design2020 : selected as one of the 20 designers and designed innovative design products for year 2020 using new technology (INNOdesign, Stratasys, Dassualt systems)

  • 2017 DFK TA

  • 2017 Yonsei YIC dorm RA (residential assistant)

  • 2017 TA for Prof Kang ‘User Experience Research Methods’ class

Startup Experience

  • 2015 Startup weekend Incheon

  • EASED   (CEO, Product designer)

    • Selected as one of the finalists from KISTA(Korea Intellectual property STrategy Agency) for support money with the idea of ‘solar panel handbags’(13,000,000won)

    • Funded by Yonsei University(2,000,000won)

    • Participated in Asia Beat 2017

    • 2017.11.30~ 2017.12.03 Exhibition 2017 Seoul International Invention Fair

    • Project management: Manufacturing factory contact, team building, quality and time management

    • Product design: Solar panel research, Solar panel design, Handbag design and handcraft

    • Branding: visual design for brand(logo, pamphlet, namecard), concept development


  • 2017 Social Innovation Workshop, 2nd place

  • 2016 Seoul citizen design researcher(서울 디자인 시민 연구단) : Research about the North Korean defectors ' media

  • 2016 Participated in the Fashion Wearable Makerthon (Seoul Design center)

  • 2016 Conducted UX research on Sustainable Crowdfunding platforms

  • 2016 Very: Yonsei Venture Startup club





Julie Jiwon Yoon

Sailing Yatch

Shooting Basketball


Music : Hiphiop, R&B

Understand the world and human,

design beautiful, innovative products for people.

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