BeautiPool is a Smart cushion pact

with a smart mirror installed inside of the makeup cushion container.

This IoT device gives women the best daily beauty care experience.

The case is shaped in a graceful curve,

so the fingers fit comfortably and don't slip.

Design Points

Ergonomic Design

2016.03 ~2016.06 Yonsei 'Industrial design basics' class project

2016.07 ~ 2016.09 DESIGN2020 with INNOdesign, Stratasys, Dassualt systems


Inspired by Water Ripples

This project started as a class project in 'Basic Industrial Design'. However I took it further and developed the product participating in Design2020.  


The control pad is on the

back of the lid, so the user doesn't 

touch the screen directly.

The inside of the pact base has wave shaped rubber. Various refill products can be used in this case. 

Innovative Design
Cost-effective Design

Design Process

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