A Case Study for Sustainable Crowdfunding Service:

Based on the new functions of Daum Story Funding


Daum Story Funding is a crowdfunding platform based on Daum and Kakao corporation. Different from other crowdfunding platforms, Daum Story Funding concentrates on a function called ‘Episode’ as a series of stories in which a starter can inform the activities and processes of his projects. We chose Daum Story Funding as a research subject since this function can help solve the problem of attracting new possible backers and keeping them interested continuously in the 3 stages of using crowdfunding services.

The goal of this research is to discover how the crowdfunding platform can be sustainable by attracting new users and keeping existing users by usability suggestions. For sustainable crowdfunding, the platform needs good quality projects that people sympathize and a bigger number of backers that actively fund projects. According to the 3 stages we defined, problems of accessibility and the entry barrier for new users should be lower so that they will become practical participants staying who are interested in the platform and continuing to start or back different projects in the platform.

This research studies the way to sustain Daum Story Funding, which is a crowdfunding platform that has noticeable usage of updates and a new function called ‘Heart Funding.’ The focus is on enhancing the usability of the crowdfunding platform so that it can maintain existing users and attract new users to participate. This research aims to analyze the usability based on 3 stages of using crowdfunding service, ‘Access’, ‘Participate’, and ‘Use continuously’, and analyzed the usability problems according to these stages. The research methods include a survey, heuristic evaluations and the usability test with short interviews. Daum Story Funding has functions to promote communication between starters and backers such as ‘Episode’ and ‘Party’ but has a limitation in sustaining users because of UI and service problems in each stage. From the results, we suggest: 1)Emphasize projects on the main home page while introducing its unique functions like ‘Episode’ and ‘Heart Funding’ in a clear way. 2)Diverse categories to make users access to projects they are interested in easily. 3)Always show a reward section, which is a big part of users’ decision to participate, when introducing the projects. 4)Raise the credibility of starters by stressing and expanding ‘Episode’ function.

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