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Street Basketball


Started out with a team of 4 students who love basketball. Our goal was to connect people who want to play basketball. 

I was the designer on the team and also participated in filming.

First we planned an application that matches people close to each other. So for reference I downloaded various different applications that connect people for a purpose. On the Google app store there were several applications that connected people to play soccer, basketball or other sports. Each had different methods to match people, finding people near you through map,

calendar or just list of games.  

Analyzing different apps I could understand the user flow better and what method for matching people is the most appropriate. The map efficient because the user can see where the other users are in one eye. However the loading time was slow and it took a long time to find a certain area also you could not know the time each person wanted. On the other hand the calendar showed all the games according to time. 

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Not only looking at sports apps I explored dating application Tinder and housing application Airbnb. Tinder matched people according to location and you could control the range for distance and age. There also was and functions where you could match with group to group. The best benefit of the Tinder system was that it was real time so you could talk and meet people right away.

The Airbnb app's UI was unique in that the search bar had several buttons that led to a page select each range. It was very intuitive and easy to find the supplier I wanted. 

This interface I took account of when designing the street basketball application.

Wire frame of the Street Basketball app

Our team did not start with a developer so it was impossible to actually make the working application. So we decided to start with a Facebook page to find the our possible users: people interested in basketball and play street basketball. 

The Facebook page name was 스바 which is short for street basketball.The concept was friendly neighbor dude who loves basketball. So the logo was intentionally designed with a simple and idiotic style.

Later a developer joined our team. However making the matching app was too much for one developer to handle so we started with an trial app. Since there wasn't a source for basketball news and information organized and translated in Korean, we made an app for Korean basketball lovers. The name is 농구구경 and the app is designed to be really simple and light so that the user would visit without much stress. First I designed the information structure, making the process short and the most efficient as possible. Then I designed the logo and a cute character.